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Garlic Press - Crushes, Minces, Chops and Peels

Garlic Press - Crushes, Minces, Chops and Peels

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Heavy Duty Garlic Press
The Heavy Duty Garlic Press is made of zinc alloy to ensure a strong durability and a long service time.  Rust-proof, professional food grade, light and strong bringing more convenience to your meal preparation. The garlic crusher teeth push out minced garlic completely without clogging or residue - leaving next to zero waste. Dishwasher safe coating also allows for easy rinsing with running water or dishwasher. The premium zinc alloy with smooth surface allows Garlic Press to be directly washed away with water by simply turning on the tap. It is dishwasher safe, Durable material, it will never break, bend, rust or stain.  Garlic Crusher ergonomic design, extra big cabin holds 3 to 4 at one time.
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